Preview and news and waiting

I finally received the masters to The Garden and am quite pleased with them.  Here is a sample of the 3rd song on the album "Between the leaves" 

I am going to send the masters off to Automation Records today and hopefully it will be wrapped up and ready for release soon.  I have no idea when it will be out but I am predicting this fall.  If you contributed to the kickstarter project I will send you the album as soon as I get it.

Also to kill some time and be productive I am looking for music review sites and blogs that accept digital mp3 submission to pick up some reviews of The Garden.  If anybody has a blog they like/read or can give me some links, your info would be greatly appreciated.


in the meantime...

Arg this album is getting delayed for a while.
Here is something to do in the meantime:


Uglyhead Kickstarter Succeeds/Exceeds!

The Kickstarter for The Garden mastering has come to an end and we have exceeded our goals.  Free T-shirts will be awarded to everyone that backed the project.  Thanks to everyone that participated!  If this failed it would have delayed the album for really long time (its hard to raise that kind of money). 


On a side-note anyone can now register a username and subscribe to using the new "register" page located on the right column of this page.  This will let you secure your name so you can take part in the news conversations and the forum page.  I can also send group emails to everyone that registers and maybe make some secret pages for you with exclusive content.   There will be a lot of news soon and hopefully more traffic to this site so grab your user name while it is still available.


18 hours left for Kickstarter Pre-order.

There is only 18 hours left to take advantage of The Garden kickstarter.  Pre-order the standard edition with a bonus t-shirt for $20 or the Special Limited Edition with bonus t-shirt for $50.


Still some time left.

The kickstarter for The Garden Mastering has been fully backed but there is still time to take advantage of all the reward levels.  The excess money from the kickstarter will help offset all the extra costs and shipping of the rewards.  There are only a limited amount of The Garden Special Editions left and I suspect they will go very quickly once the album is released so now is a good time to secure your copy.  I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has contributed to this project and has made it successful. I will post updates on the album as it nears completion.