The Garden 1 Year Anniversary contest

I am currently holding a contest on the Uglyhead facebook page. If you like this photo on facebook you will be entered into a drawing to win a copy of The Garden Special Edition.  The drawing will be held on August 28th. I will videotape the drawing and post the winner that night.  Go to the facebook page, look for this photo and like it to enter:


Drosira EP "Revivalism" out today!

The Drosira EP "Revivalism" was released today. This band features Patrick Huerta who did drums on The Garden and drove DRIVER X mad in the tour journal. Also I mastered it. SO CHECK IT OUT. It is currently free so get it before they change their minds!


a glass man video


Birds eating turtles video


Two-fer tour journal and Lichen in Vine Time

Today is Thursday and that means it is time to post an update from the long lost 2008 tour journal.  Today I am going to post two days (days 7 and 8) to speed things up a little. They are located HERE.

Also last night I was listening to pop songs people had slowed down to create a soothing trance like experience.  I decided to try it on an Uglyhead song and it ended up sounding like you are being suffocated in hell for an hour.  Ladies and gentlemen I give you Lichen in "Vine Time":

Also don't forget! I am giving away patches this week (until Sunday June 16th). If you want one contact me. See the last news post for details.