Today is the official release date of The Garden. This took a LONG time to make and it is a huge relief to be able to share it.  It is available for download on itunes, amazon and bandcamp but I would highly urge you to pick up the album on CD for maximum song continuity.  The album is intended for patient listeners who will sit down and listen to the whole thing, all at once, at full volume.  You can pick up the standard edition from Automation Records and Flenser Records.  At this point I don't think there were many discs pressed so get them while they last.  For those who want an even more immersive experience, the Special Edition of The Garden is available in the Uglyhead Store.  These were really expensive and time consuming to make so there is only a limited edition of 39 that exist.  As I am typing this there are only 24 left.  The Special Edition includes an extra disc of 6 instrumental tracks that act of as a continuation of the concepts presented in the main 10 song album. 


The Garden Special Edition On Sale Now

The Garden Special Edition is finally available for purchase.  There are only 39 in existence and there are currently 25 left over from the kickstarter pre-sale. 
Here is what you get with the special edition:
-The Garden 10 song album
-The Garden Special Edition 6 Song Bonus Disc
-2 4.25" x 4.25" stickers
-2 1.5" pins
-1 4x4 canvas patch
-16 page full color special edition booklet (heavy stock gloss paper) 
-18"x24" full color poster
-Discs are inside a metal case containing a clear tray and two sided tray card.
-7"x 10" green stained wooden box with The Garden logo hand burned into the top.

The Special Editions are $50 with free shipping.  Order now and you will receive yours by The Garden release date 8/28/12. 


The Garden Pre-Order

Today Automation Records posted a preview of The Garden on bandcamp and offered a pre-order at a discounted rate.  Get the CD for $8 or the digital version for $6. The release date for The Garden is August 28th!  More details to come on how to obtain the special edition of the album.







 I believe that The Garden is going to press this week which means it could be done any day.  In the meantime I just wanted to give thanks to the people that either participated in making the album, offered moral or financial support, or provided services that were integral in completing the album.  Hopefully I didn't leave anyone out.  Your generosity and help is extremely appreciated!
Thanks to the following:

Nick Katich, Patrick Huerta, Jeremiah Smith, Jenson Charnell, Taylor Izak, Julie Mohr, Clifton Miles, Brian Miller, Scott Brovan, Louis Santiago, Galen Waling, Erica Jantos, Renee Williams, Phimy Truong, Ryan Mosely, Nick Barlow, John Eternal, Paul Siegmund, Connie Cook, Shasta Taleen, Christy Reedy, Tara Echternkamp, Aubrey Bramble, Joe Jack, James Kelso, Nadir Kianersi, Walesa Kanarek, Patricia Kerth, Robin Kimball, Leisha Choe, Brian McLelland, Lisa Mungo, Kasey Boyer, Deana Goldsby, Marie Soly, Fumie Yamamori, Lewis Davis, Jeremy Ward, Brian White, Bernard De La Torre, Michael Noland, Chris Slack, Chris Coleman, Michael Williams, Laura T,  Automation Records, Warmoth Guitars, SF Guitarworks, Advanced Audio Microphones, Dead Room studios, RHL studios, Mike Wells Mastering and American Musical Supply.


The Merge

The Merge is now on soundcloud for your listening pleasure (or whatever)