Tour is over.  Thanks!

I just wanted to say thanks to the staff at all the venues I played at and everyone who made it out to the shows. Also thanks to all the bands I played with.  I met some awesome people!

I am settling in for the Winter and will be working on new stuff.  Hopefully I can release something new in 2015 and hit the road again.

In the meantime please check out the 2014 US Tour Journal if you are into that sort of things. I will be adding to it periodically.

HERE are also some photos from the tour from various sources


Uglyhead Fall Tour 2014

10/1/2014 - Baby Bar - Spokane, WA

10/2/2014 - Stage 112 - Missoula, MT -with Vibragun

10/3/2014 - Wild Joe's Coffee Spot - Bozeman, MT with Onomono

10/8/2014 - The Washington - Burlington, IA - with Slap Nevada

10/9/2014 - Swing State - Lake Villa, IL

10/11/2014 - Buzzbin Art & Music Shop - Canton, OH - with Aliver Hall

10/12/2014 - Roboto Project - Pittsburgh, PA - with Alexis Icon, Requiem and Satyr/Elfheim

10/13/2014 - The Forvm - Buffalo, NY - with Garda, Third Realm, Blue Lazer and Blurrangels

10/15/2014 - Whitehaus Family Record - Boston, MA - with Father Murphy, Xiphoid Dimentia and Dark Rodeo

10/16/2014 - TBA

10/17/2014 - Amity Teen Center - Woodbridge, CT 

10/19/2014 - Club  K - Baltimore, MD

10/21/2014 - Rake's End - Cincinatti, OH

10/22/2014 - Third Street Dive- Louisville, KY

10/28/2014 - Hotel Vegas - Austin, TX

10/29/2014 - Nesta - San Antonio, TX - with Drosira and Capital Punch

10/30/2014 - Kamiposi, Midland, TX

11/1/2014 - TBA - Tucson, AZ

11/3/2014 - The Bancroft Bar - Spring Valley, CA

11/7/2014 - Back Bar - San Jose, CA - with Slave Unit and Evil X

11/10/2014 - Club 66 - Ashland, OR

11/11/2014 - Ash Street Saloon- Portland, OR

11/15/2014 - Snack Shack - Everett, WA


The Garden Special Edition 50% off

I want to get rid of the last of these things so I have marked The Garden Special Edition down to $25 (shipping included). This will probably be the last chance to acquire one.
What makes the special edition special?  Well you get the following items in a special green wooden box:

-Tin CD Case containing:


  • The Garden CD
  • The Garden Special Edition Bonus disc with 6 extra instrumental Tracks

 -2 pins
-2 stickers
-1 canvas patch
-16 page full color booklet
-full color poster



Upcoming show: Le Voyeur 5/25 Olympia, WA



New review for The Garden from Heathen Harvest

There is a new review for The Garden over at Heathen Harvest.

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