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The Garden Reviews

The Garden has been getting good reviews.  Thanks to all the reviewers who have taken the time to listen and write about the album!  Here are some quotes and links to all the reviews I am aware of.  If you know of more please link me.


"Uglyhead has produced an absolutely stunning and smart album that, though likely not for everyone’s tastes, brilliantly challenges both structure and genre in a way that should really be heard to be believed."
-Regen Magazine

"you can almost hear the sound of bacteria eating leaf tissue while it turns the entire plant from a sparkling beauty into a brown worthless nothing."
-Fabryka Music Magazine

 "Dense arrangements make much of this album a barrage of sinister themes deliriously happy to disorientate and baffle as they careen out of the speakers at you."
-Sea of Tranquility

"The Garden is a masterpiece if I have ever heard one."
-Coma Music Magazine

"Merging different sonar elements, genres and styles, Uglyhead revels its own genre and style, delivering an atmospheric, highly textured journey and painting-up a tale of transformation, consumption and devastation."

"Good, menacing fun."
-Seattle Weekly

 "There are moments where this thing rocks so hard it will make your boogers melt."
-Dead Formats

"The Garden is an immersive experience, very rewarding and involving to listen to."


The Garden standard edition is restocked

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am restocked with The Garden Standard editions.  I was sold out for bit but I just got 20 more copies. You can order them in the UGLYHEAD STORE.


Also I just wanted to say "thanks" to everyone that was able to come to the Uglyhead solo performance in Seattle.  Here is a pic of the show:


Uglyhead, Curse, UWE 60D and Blsphm October 14th Seattle

I will be doing a solo Uglyhead set in Seattle, WA on Sunday October 14th in Seattle, WA with Curse, UWE 60D, and Blsphm at the Josephine 608 NW 65th St.
Be there or be whatever.


Between the Leaves video