Between the Leaves video reaches 1,000 views today.

The "Between the Leaves" video reached 1,000 views today.  To celebrate I am giving away free Uglyhead "The Garden" canvas patches for the rest of this week (or for however long supplies are available).  Just use the CONTACT page and put "Between the Leaves" in the subject line and include your mailing adress.  Thanks for viewing the video!


The Garden scores a 9 out of 10 at Brutal Resonance

The Garden scored a 9 out of 10 on the Swedish site Brutal Resonance yesterday.

Check out the review HERE


inward/outward now available on Spotify

Inward and outward were combined into one album and that album "inward/outward" is now available on Spotify.


Long lost tour journal

Do you like episodic entertainment? I recently acquired the tour journal from the ill-fated Uglyhead US tour of 2008. I will be posting a new entry from the journal every Thursday at

Enjoy and please share. Its a pretty crazy story.


The Garden Special Edition on sale this week only!

For a very limited time you can get The Garden special edition for only $35 (shipping included).
The special edition comes with The Garden album plus a 6 song bonus disc as well as a 16 page full color booklet with lyrics, 2 pins, 2 stickers, a canvas patch in a wooden box and a 18x24 poster. This sale ends Monday and there are only a small number of copies available.  

The Garden
special edition

Sale ends Monday April 22nd and then they go back up to $50 (if there are any left).