Website update.

The other day I logged into the uglyhead myspace account and saw an advertisement for a video of cute animals.  I clicked on it and I got a pre-video advert. Once my video loaded I discovered that it was a promotional video for a site that basically sells advertisement space before their videos of cute animals.  Once the video was over pop-up advertisements followed on a page that already contained 7 ad banners.  I checked my inbox and it was littered with advertisements and group emails regarding shows that are occurring half way across the country that I can't attend.  I get friend requests from profiles representing corporate companies and products.  On the off chance I get a friend request from an interesting band and I go to listen to music on their page, I am interrupted by pop up advertisements.  I also get advertisements from myspace convincing me to buy advertisement space...

It is making me sick so I am updating this site basically so i can just log in and update people on Uglyhead and non-Uglyhead related news without being advertised to.  I also want people to be able to check out Uglyhead in a less annoying forum.

The old site was complicated and never got updated so I am simplifying everything so I can update often.

Please feel free to make suggestions for the site.  Things are a bit bare bones at the moment but this new format is way easier to update and I will be often.

This site is designed to be an open forum so please feel free to participate in random discussion or whatever.  Just please restrain from posting ads.  I will probably remove them.

I hope everyone has a good halloween!!!



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