sets in the east

I just posted the new uglyhead song sets in the east in the Downloads section.  It is yours for free if you want it.  More news sooner or later...


Palace of Worms "The Forgotten" out today

I produced an album for the black metal band "Palace of Worms" earlier this year and it came out today.

It is available at Flenser Records.

I think it is pretty good and you should pick it up.




Kudzu Mp3 now available for free

I don't think the song Kudzu has ever been available for download so I made it available in the "downloads" section.

Have a good new year!




RIP Koldo Chamorro

I am a bit late in finding this out but Spanish photographer Koldo Chamorro died in October.  I lived in his flat in Pamplona while I was putting together music for my first album.  There was a language barrier but we got along well.  He was a very dedicated artist and a generous person.  I remember sitting in on some sort of meeting in Madrid with Koldo and a gallery owner from Seattle regarding a gallery showing.  The meeting came to an abrubt end when Koldo explained that he was only interested in showing his photos and not interested in selling them.  He exposed me to new perspectives on art and was very influential to me in the short time I knew him.  As far as I know he never did have a gallery showing in the US.  I found a few of his photographs on the internet that I would like to share.  My best wishes go out to his family.  Koldo, you will be missed.


Merry Christmas!!