Uglyhead on facebook

I made an Uglyhead facebook page.  Not much to it but it is available to you if you are into that sort of thing.  I will update it whenever I update this page.



"Sets in the East" to be featured in video game. Remix for He Whose Oxe is Gored posted.

I recently found out the Uglyhead song "Sets in the East" will be featured in the video game "Greg Hasting's Paintball 2."

The game is due out in September on Xbox 360, PS3 and the Wii.

Sets in the East is available for free download in the downloads section of this very website Also I did a remix of the song "Pyramids on the Horizon" for the band He Whose Ox is Gored.  The remix is labeled as "Brumal Remix" on their myspace page and is one of the downloadable bonus tracks for their new EP entitled "Op Amps II: Into the ethers."  Head over to their page to check it out and get info on how to download.

I definitely have a lot more stuff in the works so stay tuned and have a good weekend!!!


"My feet are falling off" Now available for free on the downloads page

"My feet are falling off" is now available for free download on the downloads page.  It is an older song that I thought I lost the mixdown for but I found it today while cleaning out my computer. It is not on any album so now it is yours for free.


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sets in the east

I just posted the new uglyhead song sets in the east in the Downloads section.  It is yours for free if you want it.  More news sooner or later...