Self Released

Jake Alejo - Vocals, Synths/Samples/Sequencing
Eric Pruitt - Guitar
Ginger Vaugh - Bass
Mack Reed - Back up vocals
Mick Baines - Back up vocals
Shag - Mixing

-Recorded in 1999 at Outlaw Studios in Tacoma, WA
-No computers were used in the recording of this album.
 All analog gear and 2" tape.
-The studio burned down right after the album was finished.
-Most of this album was written and sequenced in Spain and then produced and recorded in the US.
-Contains a secret track that plays backwards and also makes the displayed time count backwards on most CD players.  The track is hidden between track 11 and 12 on the CD.  This track does not exist on digital download version.

Track Listing:
1. Bitch Porno Slut
2. Everythings shit
3. Sorry
4. Plaza de Espana
5. 29 Pictures
6. Faded
7. Sickass
8. Yes
9. Urp
10. Graham
11. Gone   


From time to time...
Automation Records

Jake Alejo - Vocals/Live Electronics
Jenson Charnell - Guitars/Back up vocals
Nick Katich - Bass
Louis Santiago - Drums
Jeremiah Smith - Guitars
Brian White - Album Art
Chris Slack - Album Photography
Mark Guenther - Mastering

-From time to time... is a live album
-Recorded on ADATS
-The final recording is compiled from several shows at the Seattle club "The Vogue"
-The Vogue has since closed down since the recording of this album and is now an S&M shop
-Uglyhead used to rehearse underneath the Vogue and befriended a Drag Queen group that performed  there regularly.  A series of shows was planned where Uglyhead opened for the this drag group at the  vogue.  These shows were recorded and eventually became "From time to time..."
-The album was painstakingly mixed by Jake Alejo and Jeremiah Smith after compiling over 25 hours of audio.
-The album plays continuously through as if it is all one live uglyhead show.
-The last track contains a joke told by Nick Katich.
-Seattle Artist Brian white worked in conjunction with Seattle photographer Chris Slack to create the album artwork.

Track listing:
1. Reachout
2. Corners
3. Urp
4. Deplore
5. Gone
6. Lost Forever
7. Yes
8. Stopped

Automation Records

Jake Alejo - Vocals/guitars/electronics
Nick Katich - Bass
Louis Santiago - Drums
Brian White - Album Artwork

-Released in a limited edition of 100 for an uglyhead tour
-Recorded with software using mixture of virtual synths and analog synths

Track Listing:
1. Amongst, Below, Beyond
2. An actual constant
3. I can see through everything
4. Too much, Too big


Automation Records

Jake Alejo - vocals/guitars/electronics
Scott Brovan - Guitars
Jenson Charnell - guitars
Nick Katich - Bass
Jeremiah Smith - Guitars

-Released in a limited edition of 100 for an uglyhead tour
-Recorded with software using mixture of virtual synths and analog synths

-A video was made for "A glass man" using an "uglyscope" which was based on the design of a "disgustoscope"

Track Listing:
1. Lost Forever
2. Birds Eating Turtles
3. A glass man
4. River full of parasites


The Garden
Automation Records

Jake Alejo - Vocals, Synths, Guitar
Jenson Charnell - Guitar
Patrick Christopher Huerta - Drums
Nick Katich - Bass, Guitar
Jeremiah Smith - Noise, Sampling
Taylor Izak - Violin

-was recorded in Washington state, California, Texas and Michigan
-Special limited edition with 6 song bonus disc was also released. Only 39 special editions exist.
-A video for the song "Between the leaves" was filmed in Golden Gate Park and the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco.

Track Listing:
1. The Path
2. Through the gates
3. Between the leaves
4. Empty City
5. Lichen
6. Nerium
7. Drosera
8. Kudzu
9. Burgeon
10. Blight

Special Edition Bonus Disc Track Listing:
1. Amalgam
2. Wilting
3. The Merge
4. Engorgement
5. Pulchritudinous
6. Surfeit


Faces Of Fingers/My Feet Are Falling Off
7" Lathe Cut Picture Disc

All Music By Jake Alejo

-Recorded live in mono with tube condenser microphone
-2 sided transparent picture disc
-Limited Edition of 25

Track List:
A Side:
Faces Of Fingers
B Side: My Feet Are Falling Off 


Arms Of Memories/Fool's Errand
7" round/clear lathe cut record

All music by Jake Alejo

Track List:
A Side: Arms Of Memories
B Side: Fool's Errand

Halloween Sounds Vol. 1

Digital and Cassette Tape 2017

a collabortive collection of spooky sounds

featuring sounds by:
Jake Alejo
Jeremiah Smith
Patrick Huerta
Dominic Smelt
Julie Mohr 

time and time again...

Digital and Cassette Tape 2018

Automation Records

live album featuring songs recorded at
Golden Bull, Oakland, CA
Substation, Seattle, WA
Obscurus, Everett, WA

Performed by Jake Alejo
Recorded by Julie Mohr