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Day 46 (Final Day)

I wake up and spend the day rehearsing.  The plan for the final show of the tour is to play a longer set and do some extra songs.  I had a bunch of trouble booking a homecoming show for this tour.  I tried hopping on many shows at many venues in Washington and also tried getting my own lineup to play at different venues but I couldn't score anything.  After much strife I landed a show at El Corazon in Seattle but after booking they didn't add Uglyhead to their calendar.  Once I was back home in Washington and didn't see Uglyhead on the calendar I emailed them to get a confirmation that I was playing.  I waited for a response for a few days and didn't receive one so I tried to book elsewhere.  My friend Chris offered to let me do the show at his coffee shop "Snack Shack" in Everett.

I email El Corazon as a courtesy to let them know I booked the date somewhere else because I never got a confirmation and immediately received an email back cursing me out.  Booking in Washington is always challenging for me for some reason and I probably just somehow have ruined my chances of ever booking at one of the few places that will book Uglyhead...

Its weird to me that I have lived in San Francisco for 5 Years and Seattle for most of my life and have friends in both places but I have the most trouble booking these places.  I book in places where I have very little chance of drawing people no problem, but when I book where I should have a decent sized audience, I can't find anywhere to book!

I am the only person playing tonight so I have added 3 more songs to my set.  The rehearsals go well and I pack up everything into Julie's car and we head off to Everett.  We meet Chris and his wife Amy at Snack Shack and we get some delicious Lattes.  We set up all the equipment and wait to see if anybody shows up.
Jeremiah (from Automation Records) shows up and couple of Chris's friends show up.  I play the extended set for an audience of maybe 7 or 8 people and then pack everything up.  Some more friends arrive late as I am packing up and leaving but for the most part the show is not well attended.  It's finally over!!!!!!

I thank Chris and Amy for letting me play and chat with Jeremiah about the tour. I then Drive home with Julie.  Once I am home I unpack the car and put everything into storage for the Winter.  Before falling asleep I think about the last 46 days and feel more confused about my life then ever.



It has taken me quite a while to post the rest of this journal.  The journal mostly existed as a bunch of notes and pictures and random sentences that I just pieced together later.

I am writing this about 5 months after the end of the tour.  Honestly not a whole lot has happened since then.  I Pretty much slept through the rest of November and December of 2014.   The tour was my last push at selling the album "The Garden" and I succeeded in selling all of the "special edition" versions.  There are still many copies of the standard edition left.  I still feel like not very many people have heard it and it is hard to give up on actively promoting it but I am moving on and am starting work on an EP.  

The EP is slow going but I am hoping to complete it in 2015 (which is like lightning speed compared to how long The Garden took to complete).  This is my first effort that I have worked on entirely by myself since the very early days of Uglyhead.  It feels weird to go from writing/touring/playing with a bunch of musicians to just doing everything by myself. At this point it feels like it is what has to happen to keep things going on at all. 

The tour wiped me out financially and I only just now got a minimum wage paying job and am rebuilding my life.  Once I get this EP done I hope to do more collaborations and play live with more people.

I recently read an article about an independent band spending $147,000 on a 28 day tour and was horrified.  I spent, at the most, $4,000 on a 46 day tour and only left with maybe $2,500 in pocket.  I feel like I am totally missing something on how to finance a tour.  I guess maybe they spent that much because they knew they could make it back.  I pretty much know that if I am hitting the road I am going to lose every cent I have saved up and be completely destitute when I return.

I definitely lost money on this tour, I had less "likes" on the Uglyhead facebook page when I got back, I put a lot of strain on personal relationships, and fucked up my left knee! I gained some new friends, saw a lot of America, heard great music, and earned a greater knowledge of myself and my surroundings.  I wallowed in the depths of despair and was elevated to great, euphoric heights.  $4,000 seems like a small price to pay.  I can't even imagine what losing $147,000 gets you... 

In the near future I am going to focus on playing locally and limit tours (if they happen) to the West Coast.  I am also going to try to make shorter albums or work entirely on releasing EP's and singles.  Shorter touring and less expensive albums may make it so I can make more music and tour more often.  I also don't think I can go on tour by myself again. This may have been my last national tour. Maybe not though, I keep seeing a lot of bands that get less press and have less of a fan base doing national tours. I feel like there is some secret I have yet to unlock regarding national tours...

Until I unlock that secret I will be sticking around the West Coast of the US.

I would like to thank everyone involved in this tour.  I am not even slightly exaggerating when I say I would probably be dead somewhere without your help.  Also thanks for reading the tour journal! I would be happy to answer any questions anyone has.  I will hopefully be back out on the road in 2016 supporting some new recordings. 

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