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Pre-Tour 3

3 days until tour starts.

About one month ago I went swimming and it felt like the water in my left ear would not come out. Ever since them I have had some pain in my left ear and have experienced some dizziness.  I assumed I had an ear infection and my never-ending complaining about this possibility prompted my girlfriend to insist on taking me to a clinic before I go on tour. We visit a clinic in a drug store and find out that I don’t have an ear infection.  Apparently my attempts at getting the water out of my left ear has caused the earwax in that ear to compact and I now basically have a rock in my ear made out of earwax.  I am prescribed some ear drops that will help with the pain and soften the earwax.  I am to put two drops in every 4 hours for 3 days and then try to wash my ear out or come back and have them try to remove the earwax rock. Each visit costs $65.  I will hope for the best because I will not be going back.

Another development that will be affecting tour is that my cigarette lighter has broken in my car and I cannot use it to charge electronic devices such as phones or GPS.  I purchased a solar charger off of ebay and am hoping it will aid in charging my phone so I can use the GPS on it to find my next destination.  We will see what happens…

At this point I have sent out Uglyhead 2014 tour posters out to all the Venues I have booked.  I am hoping they all get hung up and there are no cancelations.  I have some extra posters that I will be giving away for free on tour.  There are still a couple of shows that need some work that I will just have to attend to on the road.

I am done being scared of going out by myself and am getting excited to go.  I have added the rule of NO COMPLAINING to my short list of touring rules (which are: NO TACO BELL and DON’T LET GAS METER GET BELOW ¼ tank).  I am still not financially able to make the entire trip but I am just going to go and see what happens.   I brought back the Donation button to uglyhead.org so if anybody wants to buy me a sandwich/burrito/gas while I am out on the road, you can donate through paypal.  It would be really helpful and appreciated AND I will send you a postcard from where ever I am at.

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