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Day 1

I am speeding down the I-90 freeway headed East when I decide I should fill my gas tank and check my tire pressure.  I pull off in North Bend, WA and pay WAY too much for gas. I check my tires and add a little bit of air.  I check my phone and notice I have a text from Jeremiah Smith (automation records) reminding me to stop by and pick up a box of extra discs for the tour before I head out. I realize I left my fog machine juice at home as well as a book of stamps that I intended to use for postcards.  It is day 1 and I am already making mistakes.

Mount Si imposingly looms over me as I debate whether I should turn around and retrieve the items.  My need to flee Western Washington takes precedent  and  I text message Jeremiah back to let him know I am not coming.  I point my car towards the onramp and step on the gas.


To the East!

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I once had a dream I got in a car and just drove East.  In the dream I eventually reached Mount Rushmore and the sensation of fulfillment was overwhelming enough to last into my waking day and burn the dream into my memory.  My natural inclination is to escape South.  Every time I leave I never think about going any other direction but South.  After experiencing that dream I told myself I would someday just get in a car and drive East to Mount Rushmore.

The lush, green hills of Western Washington eventually turn into dry, flat desert tans and I reach the Wild Horse Monument overlooking the Columbia River just outside of Spokane.  I park and climb a rocky hill overtaking a tourist who appeared to be having trouble with the climb.  Once at the top I take some pictures and take in the expansive view.  The tourist finally makes it to the top and asks me to take pictures of him by the horse statues and I fulfill his request.



Uglyhead Tour starts today! #uglytour14. Spokane, WA tonight. Visit uglyhead.org for schedule

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I hike back down to my car and try out the solar panel charger with my phone and it appears to be working.  Eventually the severe winds drive me back in to my car and I head into Spokane.

I reach the venue Baby Bar and discover it is one half of a whole business.  The second half is called “Neato Burrito.”  The venue is packed for a poetry reading and I can barely get in.  I eventually get back to the bar and meet the bar tender who lets me unload my gear into a back room.   He informs me that once the poetry reading is getting over with I need to assemble all my stuff on the sidewalk and wait for the venue to clear out before I bring it in.   He also informs me that I get a free burrito.  I go back to the Neato Burrito section and acquire one of the best burritos I have had in Washington State.

I eventually meet the opening act who is a guy named Austin who is doing an electronic set with a couple of laptops and an MPC style controller.  We play rock, scissor, paper to see who goes first and he wins.  He plays a long set that is good but just long, and eventually all but 3 people leave.  I can’t complain.  I am getting a free burrito.  I am happy.  He can play as long as he wants.

I play my set and more people show up.  Whilst doing the set I look up and people have strange looks on their faces that register as disgust or annoyance with me.  It sparks a wave of insecurity and I eventually finish my 28 minute set.


Once the set ends I am quick to tear down my merch table and pack up all my stuff and get the hell out of Spokane hanging my head in shame.  While I am loading up my car I am approached by people who wanted to buy merch.  I surprisingly sell some merch and continue to pack up my gear and am approached by the person who made my burrito and am offered a place to stay for the night if I hang out until they close.  I am surprised and excited because I thought things went horribly but people are telling me they liked my set and I have a place to stay.

Just when I think things can’t get any better I get a second burrito and get paid for performing.  MAJOR success for the first show on the tour!

I hang around and meet the owner and the other employees of Baby Bar/Neato Burrito and they are all really nice people.  I highly recommend the place if you are in Spokane, WA.

I finally get to sleep on a couch next to a human skull at approximately 6:00 AM and end a great first night on the road.



#skulls #uglytour14

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