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Day 7

Day 7

Waking up early in unfamiliar places is a bit disorientating. I slowly register my surroundings and realize that yes, I am waking up in a strange house in Dallas, Texas. Yes, I am on tour and yes, we need to get moving to get into San Antonio on time.

I slowly exit my sleeping bag and look around to see that everyone is still asleep. I start to pack up my things and hope the noise I am making will wake everyone else so that I don't have to verbally wake them. I am a huge fan of sleeping and it seems so cruel to have to wake up other people. It is much easier to "accidentally" wake people up.

Luckily the others begin to rise and we quietly gather our things and let ourselves out.
The 5 hour drive to San Antonio begins.

I sit in the front seat with DRIVER X as the others sleep in the back seat. Somehow the drive is taking longer than planned and we eventually pull in to a "Whataburger" (a fairly popular fast food chain in Texas that serves really greasy food). I walk in and get bad looks from the elderly and obese patrons. We all order a meal and DRIVER X orders fries.
DRIVER X harasses the Whataburger staff about wi-fi and they have no idea what he is talking about. DRIVER X exits and eats a power bar and smokes some cloves outside.
When I am done I exit and see a starbucks in an adjacent parking lot and tell DRIVER X that they might have wi-fi. DRIVER X walks over there and returns and starts some argument with Patrick and Brian about cell phone service and wi-fi that I don't pay attention to.

We get back in the van and drive to Cafe Latino in San Antonio. Patrick is from San Antonio and I had canceled our austin show prior to the tour so that we could reschedule a show in his hometown and have a better chance at drawing people. We drop off Patrick downtown to see his family and friends and DRIVER X, Brian and I go to guitar center to exchange a guitar that Brian broke at The Agency. I sense a chance to escape and go eat at a Taco Cabana (Taco Cabana!!!) in the shopping square parking lot in which guitar center is located. I make a phone call to Julie to tell her things aren't going so well and that DRIVER X appears to be going crazy and is making everyone mad. I also call my mother to see if she knows anything about the hurricane. She informs me that it is supposed to hit soon and they urging people to evacuate Houston. She also tells me that they are telling people who are planning on staying in Houston to write their social security numbers on their arms with permanent marker so search and rescue can identify the bodies.
I start having doubts about our Houston show on Sunday. I am eventually joined by DRIVER X at Taco Cabana (Taco Cabana!!!) and he rants about the hurricane and tells his "Drinking beer on my porch during a hurricane" story again. DRIVER X seems to have this delusion that I fully agree with what he is saying and that I am on his side so I can be told about how ridiculous of a suggestion it was for Patrick to say they are evacuating Houston. I eat my delicious food and wonder if DRIVER X knows how crazy he sounds.

We are joined by Brian who had some trouble exchanging his les paul at guitar center but was otherwise successful. Some sort of strange conversation ensues and I notice a strange small bird standing on a rail just outside of the window behind DRIVER X and I space out and watch it for a while.

We eventually make our way to Cafe Latino which appears to be a Hookah bar that serves ice cream and coffee. There are no uglyhead posters there. There also appears to be no stage or sound system. I order some ice cream and sit in the parking lot watching the sun go down in the immense heat while listening to the ambient sounds of thousands of unidentifiable bugs.

After doing some research I learn that the event is all ages but BYOB so I walk down to the liquor store and pick up some Framboise. When I come back a crowd has already started to gather and the promoter Rosa is there. Rosa is a short young looking girl who unintentionally talks like she is bummed out. She tells me that a sound system is on the way and that we have to help clear a room in the Cafe where we are going to play. She also informs me that she can get us a show in Austin at headhunters on Saturday (the following night) that will pay $50 (Saturday was originally a day off). She makes a few phone calls and confirms the show. More people show and at some point I cut my hand open on my bottle of framboise.

The first band (poor man's sharp knives) play and are really good. I get to meet a bunch of Patrick's family and everyone attending seems to be in good spirits. We play and I get to run sound and am happy with the performance but am suddenly cut short by DRIVER X telling us that we have to stop because the show is running late.
I stop the set and clear away all of our stuff and a third band plays and is quite good.
Apparently a 4th band was added to the bill at the last minute and they now only have 15 to 10 minutes to play.

It is time to leave and some argument is had about DRIVER X driving drunk and we have to kinda argue and angrily get his keys from him. I drive us to Patrick's friends house of which we will be staying. The house has a fenced front yard and is a duplex. We walk inside and there are cool video games and a cool collection of movies as well a heavily graffitied picnic table in the dining room. It is late but no one has any intention of going to sleep so numerous things are consumed and we stay up and talk. I do some accounting, pay out to everyone and finally decide to go to sleep.

I lay out my sleeping bag and pull my coat over my head and before I fall asleep I hear a strange argument between Patrick and DRIVER X starting. I listen in and it seems like Patrick is telling DRIVER X that he has had a bad attitude but that he wants to resolve any sort of misunderstanding between them. DRIVER X is oddly defensive and very drunk and rambles off insane accusatory claims about Patrick and his driving capabilities. DRIVER X eventually starts yelling something off like "I could tell you my entire life story and you wouldn't believe a GOD DAMNED word!!!" and then something to the effect of "You have never had to have to watch your girlfriend get raped and killed by the Chinese mafia!!!" and then storms out of the house not to be seen again for hours.
I roll off the couch so that someone else can have it and get some better sleep. In the background I can hear the newsman on the tv blabbing on about the approaching hurricane and the damage it is doing in Galveston...

to be continued...

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