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Day 5

Day 5

...I wake up not feeling very well rested. I get to take a much needed shower and we
head out for breakfast. Brian had talked up a mexican restaurant (of who's name I
can't remember) and we go there and I am not disappointed in the slightest. Even
DRIVER X opts to eat a hearty mexican breakfast instead of his usual outdoor clove cigarette/power
bar breakfast combo. Pretty good start to the day.

Honestly I can't remember much of the day or what sequence of events transpired...

...the owner of the house that we were staying at got creeped out by us and locked
himself in his room...

...we watched "the pick of destiny"...

...DRIVER X left to pay a visit to his sister...

...guitar playing...

...DRIVER X returned and notified us that his sister called all of his living relatives and alerted
them of the DRIVER X sighting...

We eventually make our way downtown to a venue called "The Agency" which has an
awesome location but does not have a sign anywhere indicating that it is a venue
called "the agency." It is locked up but we look through the window and see that
the place has a strange and tall stage and looks like an art gallery. There is an
uglyhead tour flyer in a plexiglass frame standing on a pillar on the other side of the
window as well as an uglyhead tour flyer taped to another window on the far end
of the venue. looks good...

A random and strange girl makes her way down the sidewalk and stops in front of the
the agency and looks as if she is planning on attending the show and got there early.
We make some random conversation and find that she is indeed there for the show. We
also find out that she is 16 and wants us to give her cigarettes. DRIVER X obliges and 
eventually buys her a pack of cigarettes and now we have a teenage girl that won't
leave us alone.

DRIVER X seems to like her but we eventually lose her and make our way to a pizza place
that Brian used to work at. We score some free (good) pizza and as we are finishing
the pizza the girl passes by the pizza restaurant, sees us and sits down at our table.
We hold a friendly conversation but decide that we should head back to the venue to see if anyone has shown up yet to let us in. The sound guy is there and lets us in.

I am personally excited to play this show. For some reason it is hard to find label
people who actually return emails but this show had been set up by Tommy T
from DSBP records who has been really friendly and has been playing Uglyhead
songs on his radio show for a couple of years in New Mexico. I have never met
the guy but he has a really good reputation in the industrial scene and has been
at it for a long time doing what he can to support underground music genres.
He also has a band called "Diverje" which we are playing with.
Since we arrived in New Mexico I had been asking Brian's friends if they knew
of Diverje and DSBP records and the cyberage radio show on KUNM and no one
knew anything about them. I was pretty surprised at that response being that
I am from Seattle and I have heard about DSBP and Diverje pretty consistently
for the last 10 years. More about this later...

We load in and hang out for a bit. I set up a merch table. A strange guy lays on his back in front
of the front door on the sidewalk and starts making an "OG OG OG OG OG OG" noise for a while. The sound guy eventually tells me that the guy is deaf and does that some times for no explainable reason.
Eventually he gets up and musicians from Diverje and the other band Vertigo Venus
arrive and set up a massive DSBP merch booth next to mine and they are kind enough to put some cool lights on my merch booth so our stuff is more visible.
Everyone seems really nice and I am stoked for the show.

Tommy T eventually arrives and invites me to go have a drink with him at the Atomic Cantina across the street and Patrick and I head over there with him and a musician
from Vertigo Venus who is wearing some crazy white get-up. I get to talk to Tommy T about his label and where he thinks the underground music business is going. He is a very opinionated guy but has a very realistic business sense and perspective on what he is doing. I am incredibly stoked to meet him and see Diverje play.

We eventually make our way back to the Agency where a DJ is playing a set and the Diverje musicians are setting up to play first (which kind of surprises me, I thought vertigo venus was going to go first). Diverje plays and it was kind of strange but in a good way.
Tommy T did some pretty enthusiastic stomping about but he rarely got on stage. He was on the dance floor almost the entire time. The set sounded decent considering the size of the sound system and the band was using electronic drums.

The show is poorly attended and I realize that a good chunk of the Albuquerque industrial scene is probably in the Agency at that moment. I am even more impressed by Tommy T's perseverance because there is literally very little down there encouraging this guy to work so hard on a label and music in ABQ. The guy has a done fairly well with extremely limited local support. I am used to being from Seattle where there is a scene for that sort of music but it is small. I didn't know what small was.
I really have to give that guy A LOT of credit. The guy has faced pretty dire
circumstances for years down there and has managed to have a huge catalog
for an independent label from not only bands in the US but from South America
and Europe and managed to have a band and run a radio show as well as distribute
for a number of other small labels. WOW. I am impressed but kind of disheartened
seeing the crowd that one of the most well known New Mexico bands is playing to.

I set up our lighting rig and it looks particularly good in this venue because of the 
white walls. The weird LED patterns fill the room and sync up with the music from
our set quite nicely. I am pretty happy with the show and the quality of the
performance. Not necessarily a financially successful show but it is a show
I feel good about.

We load off all of our gear and make conversation with the attendees. Vertigo Venus sets up their stuff on stage and I sit at the merch table while they start to play.
They have kind of a weird-eclectic-heavy-new-wave sort of sound and about three
songs in it they start in to what I think is a cyndi lauper cover. The singer of the band hits his leg awkwardly on a key board stand which throws his entire lower leg out of socket and he falls over screaming "I Broke my leg." At first I think this is part of the show but than I look at his leg and I can see the entire bone shifted out of the socket. The band continues to play for a bit but then stops and the singer continues to scream in pain. They turn on all the lights and I feel like I should
do something to help but all I can do is stand up and blankly stare at the situation.

The VV singer tells people to not call an ambulance and to call his friend who is an
EMT. The show is over. People are escorted out of the venue. The EMT shows up
and splints the guys leg. We load out and find DRIVER X sitting on the ground talking to the 16 year old from earlier and informs us that we are giving her a ride home.
This is debated for a bit but she did come to the show and she did buy merch
so I give in. Some last minute partying is done with Tommy T in an alley and we
begin the unexpectedly long drive towards the girls house. Suprisingly, nothing
weird happens (other than DRIVER X saying things to the effect that he wished the girl was a bit older).

We have to make a massive drive from Albuquerque, NM to Dallas, TX that night so we start the drive. This drive really blurs for me but I feel like I drove a
considerable amount of it. I honestly can't remember anything about this drive.
Maybe I slept in the back of the van for a while...

...I honestly can't remember. I do remember pulling in to an extremely nice and large and vacant rest area in Texas the next morning...

...to be continued...

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